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PRESS RELEASE 25 March 2014

PRESS RELEASE, 25 March 2014

Row erupts over abortifacient pill survey

Having just surveyed 3000 pharmacies on dispensing abortifacient  “morning-after” pills,  Human Life International Ireland has rebutted accusations of “Catholic militancy”,   ”fundamentalism” and “totalitarianism” and “extreme” in the March edition of “Irish Pharmacist” magazine.     

Responding to criticism in February’s edition of “Irish Pharmacist” , Patrick McCrystal, Executive Director of Human Life International (Ireland) outlined that many of their supporters want to know what pharmacies do not dispense abortifacients.

In his article, Mr McCrystal described how he ceased dispensing abortifacients as a pharmacist  when he realised the implications of the loss of human life through the dispensing of these life destroying drugs.    He stated:  “As pharmacist, I held that if a woman conceived and presented in my pharmacy, I had two patients to consider not one.  There is a silent holocaust countrywide despite in the clean clinical image projected.

“Whilst many pharmacists I know are consciencious and hard-working, if human life is sacred there were uncomfortable realities as a pharmacist I simply had to face, realities that transcended mere professional ethics.”   As a result, Mr McCrystal was unemployed for three years due to his ethical stance.

Further clinical and ethical considerations are our dedicated website at, which is attracting international attention. This is a big issue for pharmacist’s way beyond our Irish shores.

Of the 40 pharmacy responses, only two indicated they did not dispense the abortifacient morning after pill.    All dispensed the everyday oral contraceptive pill.  However, several pharmacies indicated their willingness to explore the matter further.   “If even one pharmacist considers taking a different path, it will have been worth it.” said Mr McCrystal.

Pharmacists and all healthcare professionals thrust into the frontline of a moral quagmire that university clinical training does not equip them to deal with.

More information: Patrick McCrystal   087 2305709         BSc Pharmacy   Human Life International Ireland