Monday, March 18, 2019


Welcome to our Website

bigstock-Portrait-American-pharmacist-a-31745873Welcome to our website:

We are a group of pharmacists and healthcare professionals  who have had serious ethical problems with dispensing abortifacient and contraceptive products.

Serious questions arise such as: 

  • When a woman conceives, is there not a duty of care to two patients, not one?
  • Surely I cant impose my values on others?
  • What about my code of professional  ethics?
  • Shouldn’t I stick to science and leave the moral issues to others?
  • What about the sacredness of Life?

Arising from our experience, we are pleased to offer information for other healthcare professionals on ethical and conscience issues around contraception.

A number of short testimonies are found in the link above.

Cooperating with the morning-after pill, contraceptive pill, intra-uterine devices and other products throw up serious problems that in some instances surely transcend the demand of current professional ethics.

Far from being exhaustive, this site contains miscellaneous facts, statistics and perspectives several of us found helpful on our  'journey'.

We trust the scientific information  and Church teaching on the links above  might  assist you on your own informed decision-making process.

Whilst this site contains quotes and citations from a Catholic Church perspective, whatever your faith background or none, we trust you find the ethical principles helpful.

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The Positive Pharmacy Team